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Dolphin Tour and Snorkeling

Dolphin Tour and Snorkeling

Once we depart we will start with the Dolphin Tour, where we will go around to look for them as  they are wild. They do move around in different spots but there is a 90% chance to see them and  swim next to them. After Dolphin Tour we will go snorkeling at Mnemba reef, where you will see  different species of fish; Angel Fish, Blue Spotted Rays, Black Snappers, Groupers, Red Tooth  Triggers, Flounder, Octopuses, Leaf Fish, Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish, Frog Fish, lots of  Trevallies, and others. After Snorkeling we might go to the Sandbank if it is available, cause it is  normally covered when there are high tides. 

The price per person if you want to explore the Dolphin Tour and Snorkeling is from $50 to $120, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up 

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