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Zanzibar Tours & Excursions

Our Best Zanzibar Day Tours & Excursions

Here are a few ideas of Zanzibar Day Tours & Excursions - from the beautiful beaches to incredible Stone Town.

Dolphin Tour and Snorkeling

Once we depart we will start with the Dolphin Tour, where we will go around to look for them as  they are wild. They do move around in different spots but there is a 90% chance to see them and  swim next to them. After Dolphin Tour we will go snorkeling at Mnemba reef, where you will see  different species of fish; Angel Fish, Blue Spotted Rays, Black Snappers, Groupers, Red Tooth  Triggers, Flounder, Octopuses, Leaf Fish, Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish, Frog Fish, lots of  Trevallies, and others. After Snorkeling we might go to the Sandbank if it is available, cause it is  normally covered when there are high tides. 

The price per person if you want to explore the Dolphin Tour and Snorkeling is from $50 to $120, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up 

Jozani Forest Reserve Half-Day Guided Tour

Watch for red colobus monkeys as you walk through the Jozani Forest Reserve, where you’ll  join a park ranger for a guided nature tour of the sanctuary. Learn how Zanzibar’s wildlife  evolved in isolation from the mainland, follow a boardwalk through a mangrove swamp, and  walk between towering eucalyptus and mahogany trees that provide essential habitat for native  birds. Both morning and afternoon departures are available for this Jozani Forest Reserve tour,  with pickup and drop-off at Zanzibar hotels. 

The price per person if you want to explore Jozani Forest Reserve Half-Day Guided Tour is from $80 to $170, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up 

Prison Island Tour - Changuu Private Island

Dedicate a morning or afternoon to exploring Changuu Island, also known as Prison Island, on  this half-day tour from Stone Town. Benefit from the insider knowledge of your professional  guide as you meet endangered giant tortoises (feeding own expense), visit the old prison, and  unwind on the white-sand beach, with free time for swimming, snorkeling, or sunbathing  included. 

The price per person if you want to explore Prison Island Tour - Changuu Private Island is from $ 55 to $ 100, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up

Safari Blue Tour

On this tour, you will go to the village of Fumba, and you will go on a traditional dhow  boat tour. At the Menai Bay Nature Reserve, you will have a chance to see dolphins if  you're lucky, swim in natural pools, visit small islands and snorkel coral reefs. During high  tide, you will go to the natural lagoon near Kyale Island. Here, you will be able to swim  in the mangrove surrounding the lagoon. After your snorkeling experience, you will  head back to Fumba before being taken back to your hotel. 

The price per person if you want to explore Safari Blue Tour is from $ 130 to $ 200, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up 

Spice Farm Tour

Zanzibar is also famous as ‘’spice Island’’. We will take you to the spice farm which is outside stone town to kizimbani or kidichi, approximately 30 to 40 minutes drive in a private comfortable van. There you will be able to see, smell and taste different flesh spices & fruits, our professional guides will explain each spice and its uses, some are used as traditional medicines.Some are cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, garlic, chillies, black papper, nutmeg and vanilla. And finally you will have a chance to buy spices in our local shops which mostly are within the spice farm.

Sunset Cruise with Snorkelling

For this evening tour, you’ll board a traditional dhow and sail through the idyllic turquoise  waters about one kilometer away from the shoreline. You can relax on board, taking in the  beautiful sunset scenery and enjoying fresh fruit and soft drinks. The boat will make a snorkeling  stop during the route so you can hop into the refreshing waters and discover the marine life  beneath the waves.

The price per person if you want to explore the Sunset Cruise with Snorkelling tour is from $ 40 to $ 150, this  depends with location where do you want to be picked up

Tour to Nakupenda and Prison Island

With this tour, you’ll visit both Nakupenda and Prison Island. The first stop on your tour  will be Prison Island where you’ll visit the old prison and have the chance to see giant  turtles. You’ll then head to Nakupenda Island for time to relax on the beach and have a  Swahili lunch with cheese, fish, fruit and spiced tea. Your tour will also include the chance  to snorkel and swim with the local sea life.

The price per person if you want to explore Tour to Nakupenda and Prison Island is from $ 120 to $ 180, this depends with location where do you want to be picked up

Traditional Zanzibar Cooking Class & Spice Tour

Zanzibar is also called the “Spice Island”, besides the beautiful beaches and parks, it offers a  unique tour of various types of aromatic spices, also known as “The Spice Tour”. Even though  these Zanzibar spices like Cloves, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cardamon are commonly used and  we all know their taste, hardly anyone would be able to identify them in wild nature. This tour is  a unique highlight and absolute must if you want to learn more about the origin of the spices and  the traditional food of Zanzibar. 

The price per person if you want to explore Traditional Zanzibar Cooking Class & Spice Tour is from $ 75 to $ 140, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up

Stone Town Tour

This tour will give you an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with Stone Town’s geography, history,  architecture and culture. This fascinating excursion leads you through a maze of narrow streets that  boasts more than 2000 limestone buildings, covering an area of 50 hectares and with a population of  18000 living in the suburbs. With its defined and overlapping African, Arab, Indian, Persian and  European elements, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. Zanzibar and Stone Town  are truly cosmopolitan. After a visit to the Anglican Cathedral (former slave market), House of Wonders  (national museum), Palace museum, the Old Fort, Darajani market, Hamamni Baths, Catholic Cathedral,  Freddy Mercury house and experiencing the hustle and bustle of the streets, the bazaar full of coffee  drinkers and the beautiful doors of Zanzibar, you too will bear witness that Stone Town is a cultural  crossroads and that it is worthy of its world heritage title. Also take the time to explore the markets  where local people purchase their daily requirements and also a market street full of colorful textiles.  Whether you are interested in history, culture, architecture, renovation work, or just a shopaholic, your  guide can adapt your tour to your needs. They will share amusing, but also cruel stories, about the life  and culture of the old times in Stone Town and then safely deposit you back where your tour started/  the place you were met. 

The price per person if you want to explore the Stone Town Tour is from $ 40 to $ 100, this depends with  location where do you want to be picked up 

Kuza Cave Tour

Zanzibar's Kuza Cave is a hidden gem that few know about. This spectacular underground limestone chamber is enveloped by a verdant jungle, creating an ambiance of ethereal beauty. Adding to the allure, a crystal-clear turquoise freshwater pool, glimmers at the base of the cave.

The cave is easily accessible through a reception area that also features a restaurant. You can indulge in a variety of delectable meals and refreshing drinks, and find respite from the heat in a large, shady area. This setup ensures that you have access to all the necessary amenities and can enjoy their time at the cave without any hassle.

The area around the cave is a peaceful nature reserve for wildlife, including red stump monkeys, vibrant butterflies, numerous bird species, and bush babies. This ecosystem adds to the allure of Kuza Cave, providing you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

 You can book the tour in combination with a Swahili cooking lesson followed by lunch, a drumming and dancing lesson or in combination with Swahili history and music.

Baraka Natural Aquarium Tour

Explore the marvels of marine life at Baraka Aquarium, dedicated to showcasing sea turtles. Delve into the splendor, heritage, and customs of Zanzibar during this exclusive three-hour trip, which takes you through the hottest spots in town.


Stop at: Baraka Natural Aquarium- Nungwi
Details: Experience the enchanting marine life in the heart of Nungwi Village Zanzibar at Baraka Natural Aquarium. Witness the vibrant sea turtles and stunning fish. Witness the captivating live feeding, swim and observe green sea turtles up close in the park's turtle pool, while standing in waist-deep water. Enrich your knowledge of their life cycles and environment with the guidance of a well-informed instructor.
Duration: 2 hour(s)
Admission Ticket Included

Quad Bike Tour

Embark on an exhilarating off-road adventure through remote African villages and lush plantations, with breathtaking views of baobabs and spice trees along the way. You'll also pass through a charming fisherman's village before arriving at your final destination, the luxurious Waikiki Resort.

Book a Quad Biking Tour to explore the off-road experience in Zanzibar, through remote villages, landscapes, farm lands, and plantations. This is the self-driving quad bike tour for 3 hours starting in Pwani Mchangani beach where you will have an English speaking instructor, in the tour you will have a time to taste excellent tropical fruits. After the tour, the driver will pick you up back to the Hotel. 

Book Your Quad Bike Tour In Zanzibar Today!

The Cheetah's Rock Tour

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at Conservation Rescue Awareness with Cheetah's Rock. Our unique and special center offers direct interaction between animals and humans, allowing for face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and fur-to-skin experiences. As a legally registered, ZIPA accredited, and CITES recognized conservation and rescue center, we prioritize the welfare of our animals. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that you'll cherish forever. Our approach to wildlife is different, personal, and interactive. We provide return transportation from nearby areas such as Stone Town, Nungwi, Kiwengwa, Pwani Mchangani, and Kendwa. Remember to book online in advance, as entry is not permitted without a reservation. Don't miss out on this magical and memorable adventure!