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Kuza Cave Tour

Kuza Cave Tour

Zanzibar's Kuza Cave is a hidden gem that few know about. This spectacular underground limestone chamber is enveloped by a verdant jungle, creating an ambiance of ethereal beauty. Adding to the allure, a crystal-clear turquoise freshwater pool, glimmers at the base of the cave.

The cave is easily accessible through a reception area that also features a restaurant. You can indulge in a variety of delectable meals and refreshing drinks, and find respite from the heat in a large, shady area. This setup ensures that you have access to all the necessary amenities and can enjoy their time at the cave without any hassle.

The area around the cave is a peaceful nature reserve for wildlife, including red stump monkeys, vibrant butterflies, numerous bird species, and bush babies. This ecosystem adds to the allure of Kuza Cave, providing you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

 You can book the tour in combination with a Swahili cooking lesson followed by lunch, a drumming and dancing lesson or in combination with Swahili history and music.

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